President’s Report

President’s Report

June 13th 2007

Dave Colden

June 13th was a busy Rotary day with an executive meting in the morning and
our regular lunch meeting. Everyone seemed to be in an upbeat mood at lunch,
probably a result of the warming sunshine outside.

We held a brief review of business with the main point of a policy statement
affecting the future activities of the Fernie Rotary Club and its members.
The policy approved by the executive states as follows:

“No member of the Fernie Rotary Club shall through their words or actions
commit the Fernie Rotary Club to any financial or social obligations without
the approval of the Board of Directors, before their actions bind the club
to respond.”

A brief discussion was held regarding the money split form the golf
tournament. Equal payments will be made to the chosen recipients. The
balance of funds will carry the VISA expense and possibly purchase a
projector for the club’s use.

Jeff gave a very interesting presentation on the products he offers from his
new shop on Second Ave – The Fernie Shirt Company. We have some good ideas
for Rotary apparel that Jeff can supply. Thanks Jeff

Ted thanked the club for its participation in the friendship exchange and
entertaining the British visitors


a.. Kevin’s birthday – June 15th
b.. BBQ at Mike’s home – June 27th
c.. No lunch meeting – June 27th
d.. Next board meeting – July 11th
e.. Barb to be our speaker June 20th

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