Presidents Report

President’s Report

Dave Colden

As I have been away between meetings, I missed posting a summary of the last
two meetings

On April 25/07 we were pleased to have Michael McPhie who is the President
of the Mining Association of British Columbia. Michael was very articulate
in his passion for the mining industry in our province. He spoke about the
province as a whole and about the Elk Valley specifically. All who were in a
attendance were well entertained and informed by Michael’s presentation

The Rotary Club extended our congratulations to Mary and Sparling East on
their 65th wedding anniversary on April 25th. We had three other guests at
this meeting: Ross Bannetyne from the Valley Sunrise Club of Dundas Ont, Bob
Ransford and Byng Giraud, who were traveling with Michael

The May 2nd meeting received a presentation from Bob Livsey, aka, Nature Bob
who spoke about the Fernie Nature Club which Bob has formed. The club
started one year ago with Bob’s idea and today has over 65 members. The club
runs hikes, walks, bird counts, and many other activities including socials

Bob also took the opportunity to describe the various hikes and nature walks
being run through FAR this summer. Bob will be guiding these activities

A plan was put forward for members to complete their solicitations for gifts
and to promote the tournament by putting in a team and being active to
encourage people to attend

Ross Bannetyne from the Valley Sunrise Club in Dundas, Ont was our only


a.. Team #3 for Bingo
b.. Golf Tournament May 12th

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